Highest calories burnt per hour


Squash is among the top sports with highest calories burnt per hour. For an average adult, playing squash for an hour can burn approximately 844 calories

Lots of different shots


  • Straight drive: hit parallel and close to a side wall to travel to the back of the court

  • Boast: play off the side wall at an angle before hitting the front wall

  • Drop shot: hit gently against the front wall to get the ball to fall softly at the front corners

  • Nick shot: strike the ball against the junction between side wall and floor

  • Mizuki: hit with the back side of the racket on the backhand side. An extremely hard shot to hit effectively in a match

Great flexibility to play


You can pretty much play squash anytime with anyone, or even just by yourself.Playing indoors, you don't have to worry that a rainy day will ruin your training schedule. You can enjoy a good exercise session with an air-conditioned court near you.You can play squash with up to 4 people in a court for practices. But you can also avoid the hassle of matching everyone's schedule and just practice by yourself. And it is still a lot of fun!

One of the fastest sports


Did you realize that tennis ball is not the fastest among the racket sports?The fastest tennis ball traveled at 263km/hr but the fastest squash ball traveled at 280km/hr and was hit by Cameron Pilley in the 2011 U.S. Open.



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